4G Router For Office

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3G / 4G Router for CCTV

View our selection of 4G routers designed for office use. Proroute H900 4G Router Our best 4G Router for office use is the Huawei B525 Router. It provides high speed 4G Mobile Broadband connectivity using the latest CAT6 4G modem technology and delivers this high speed 4G Internet connectivity to the wired and wireless users with High Speed Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and 802.11ac WiFi. Many customers ask why they would not be better off with a more industrial grade router, like the majority of the 4G routers that we offer for sale. The answer is like comparing purchasing a truck or van for your family car. Whilst it will get you from A to B it will not be very practical as a family car, however a truck or van is brilliant for moving goods from A to B. Likewise, most office users will want particular features from their 4G router and usually these are fast internet speed and fast Ethernet and WiFi speeds and that is exactly why we recommend the Huawei B525 4G Router, because it offers both of these, whereas an industrial grade 4G router does not need super fast 4G or WiFi because it is generally used for remote management and monitoring at remote locations and the key requirements for this are reliability of connection so that when the mobile network drops the connection, it can reconnect without the engineer having to drive to site to power it off and on to get it to reconnect, whereas if the mobile network disconnects the office 4G router it is very easy to power it off and on because (we presume) there will be somebody there who uses the router in the office.

3G / 4G Router for CCTV

Here is our quick guide to explain what is required to provide 3G/4G Mobile Broadband connectivity for remote access to CCTV equipment (IP cameras / DVR etc)

Quick And Easy Solution for remote access to your CCTV equipment using 4G