4G Failover / 4G Backup

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4G Router For Office Internet Failover / Backup

Many customers want to use 5G mobile broadband as a back-up for their office network. Please read below the different options relating to how this is achieved.

Connecting a 5G Router to your existing office Firewall / Router WAN Port that already supports multi-WAN / failover.

If your existing office router or firewall includes a WAN port and can be configured to failover or provide load balancing via the WAN port (please contact your router/firewall manufacturer/supplier to confirm your equipment failover options) then you can use any 5G router including the Teltonika RUTX50 to connect to the WAN port of your existing router/firewall and configure your existing router/firewall to perform the failover feature.

In some instances where you need a public IP address to run services on your network then you will need to use a Fixed IP SIM card and a router capable of Bridge Mode.

When used with a Fixed IP SIM Card, the Teltonika RUTX50 router can be configured for bridge mode and this will route all traffic to the Public IP address of the 4G connection will be sent straight through to the WAN port of your connected router / firewall.

Using the 4G Router to provide the failover / 4G back-up

If you dont already have a router or firewall with spare WAN ports and the ability to provide a failover to WAN then you can replace your office router with a 4G router that will provide all your LAN/Wifi/network features and the WAN port of this 4G router will connect to the LAN port of your ADSL router.

The 4G Failover router can then be configured to use the WAN port (ie the ADSl router connected to the WAN Port) as the primary internet service and when the internet is unavailable via the WAN port it can turn on the embedded 4G connection and start to use the 4G internet service until the internet becomes available via the WAN port again (ie your ADSL router)

There will typically be some downtime between switching between the WAN port and the embedded 4G and a delay when monitoring and switching back to the WAN internet service.

For this type of solution we recommmed the Proroute GEM420 or the Billion 8920NZ 4G Routers.

There is also an option that combines and ADSL router with an embedded 4G router – The billion 8920NZ router has built-in 4G as well as built-in ADSL so can provide failover from ADSL to 4G or vise versa from 4G as the primary connection failing over to ADSL. You can read about this on the product page.