Teltonika 5G Routers

The RUTX50 is the first 5G router in the Teltonika range and provides all the security, reliability and functionality of the popular 4G router range but the embedded 5G modem provides a high speed 5G Internet connection for M2M applications that need higher bandwidth.
5G Routers

Teltonika 5G Routers

The first Teltonika 5G router launched in Sepetember 2022 was the long awaited RUTX50.  This 5G router from Teltonika builds upon the success of the Teltonika 4G router range that is widely used in all types of industry for remote access and monitoring using 4G LTE cellular connectivity.

The Teltonika 4G router range includes the best selling RUT951, RUT956 and low cost RUT241 4G routers.  Teltonika then launched the RUTX router range which provided a higher specification processor and advanced WiFi to cater for M2M and IoT applications with more demand for speed.  Along with the new RUTX 4G routers came higher speed 4G modems, including CAT6 and CAT12 LTE modems for higher 4G speeds.

With the roll out of 5G networks across Europe, Asia and America many industrial 4G router manufacturers introduced 5G routers offering higher speed 5G LTE connectivity and these 5G modems also improved 4G speeds with their CAT20 4G connectivity.  With the launch of their RUTX50 Industrial 5G Router, Teltonika joins the rest of the M2M router manufacturers by providing a 5G connectivity solution into their range.

Teltonika 5G Routers

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