RUTX50 Documents

If you need the specification, dimensions or other information about the RUTX50 5G router from Teltonika then we have most of the documentation you need as well as a quick start video guide to get you up and running.
5G Routers

5G Routers


You can view the full RUTX50 technical drawings showing the dimensions of the router by downloading the dimensions PDF

RUTX50 Dimensions

If you would like to download flyers and datasheets for the RUTX50 or any of the Teltonika 4G and 5G routers you can visit the MILLBECK site and the Teltonika Downloads page.

Teltonika RUTX50 Flyer

Teltonika RUTX50 Datasheet

Teltonika RUT200 Flyer

Teltonika RUT200 Datasheet

Teltonika RUT901 Flyer

Teltonika RUT901 Datasheet

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