The Teltonika RUTX50 uses the standard RUTOS operating system that is used across the Teltonika RUTxxx range so if you can configure a RUT901 or RUT200 then you can configure the RUTX50.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst our range of industrial routers can be used in a home environment we do not recommend them because in our experience the priorities for home 4G broadband users tent to be towards achieving the fastest 4G connection speed and then delivering this to users using the fastest WiFi speeds. Industrial 4G routers usually have slower 4G modems and slower WiFi than routers designed for home use.
Our antennas are not boosting the signal delivered by the mobile phone networks, nor are they boosting the signal sent from your connected 4G device. By using a different 4G antenna than is supplied with your 4G router is is just enabling you to position the antenna where it may be able to receive a better signal becuase of the antenna location, for example outdoors or on the outside of a metal cabinet.