4G Routers

Introducing Teltonika 4G Routers: Reliable and Secure Industrial 4G Routers

Looking for top-notch 4G routers? Look no further than Teltonika 4G routers. Designed specifically for professional applications, these routers offer unparalleled reliability and security for your connectivity needs.

Upgrade your connectivity to the next level with Teltonika 4G routers - the ultimate solution for reliable and secure industrial 4G routers.

Teltonika 4G Router range includes the new RUT200 and RUT901 economy 4G routers as well as the RUT956 with GPS and digital IO and serial interface. Other products in the Teltonika M2M router range include the RUT951 and RUT956.

The Teltonika RUTX range includes the RUTX09, RUTX11, RUTX12 and RUTX14 which are suitable for a variety of applications that need some extra features such as dual modem or for office and 4G backup.

Teltonika’s new RUT200 and RUT901 low cost, industrial 4G routers lead the way in providing an affordable, reliable and secure 4G Internet connection for your M2M remote access and monitoring application.

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