5G Routers For CCTV

If you need a 5G Router for CCTV remote connectivity then the Teltonika RUTX50 M2M Router is the ideal choice. It builds upon the functionality, reliability and security of Teltonika’s 4G router range, including the popular RUT951, RUT956 and RUT241 which have been used in their thousands for CCTV deployments with M2M SIM Cards to provide remote access to the CCTV NVR.
5G Routers

5G Routers For CCTV

The RUTX50 provides the ideal solution for high speed 5G Internet connectivity for CCTV installations that demand a high quality, high bandwidth 5G internet connection for sending and receiving large amounts of data at high speed.

Teltonika will be launching a lower cost 5G router in 2024 called the RUTM50 which will reduce the cost of Teltonika 5G routers for CCTV making them the ideal choice for large scale deployments.

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