M2M SIM Cards For RUTX50

The RUTX50 is an industrial 5G router designed to provide reliable, secure and high speed mobile broadband Internet connectivity for M2M / IoT remote management and monitoring applications.

In order to get connected to the 5G network, you will need to insert a 5G SIM Card.  Of course, the RUTX50 is not locked to any network, and you could just use a standard data SIM from any mobile phone network to get high speed Internet.  However, if you just intend to use the Teltonika 5G router for Internet connectivity for your home or office, then a standard SIM card is all you will need.

If you intend to use the Industrial grade 5G router in an M2M / IoT application where you will need to get remote access to the router and connected devices then you will need to consider an M2M SIM Card / IoT SIM Card also known as a Fixed IP SIM Card.

These SIM cards have a different APN to a normal data SIM card so connect via the main cellular network to your M2M SIM provider who can provide extra services.  These services can include the addition of a fixed, public IP address, or for added security a fixed, private IP address. This enables you to connect to your router directly and use port forwarding to connect to the devices on the LAN.  This is the most common use of a Fixed IP SIM Card.

Other features of an IoT data SIM card include a SIM management portal so you can monitor and manage your SIM estate as well as get alerts on data usage and device disconnections.  With an M2M Data SIM solution you can also get roaming SIM cards / Multi-Network SIM cards that can use any of the four main networks in the UK as well as European roaming IoT SIM cards and even worldwide roaming data SIM’s.

So, when considering the purchase of your Teltonika RUTX50 5G router, please carefully consider your choice of SIM card to ensure that you get a reliable, convenient service for your M2M / IoT installation.