Poynting PUCK-2 IOT/M2M 4G/5G 2-IN-1 Transportation Puck Antenna

Poynting PUCK-2 IOT/M2M 4G/5G 2-IN-1 Transportation Puck Antenna

Poynting PUCK-0002 4G/5G PUCK – 2 in 1 Transportation style puck antenna 698 – 3800 MHz; 2X2 LTE (MIMO), 6dBi
This is a high performance puck antenna which is brilliant at capturing the signal at the higher LTE frquencies and 5G frequencies.

A-PUCK-0002-V1-01 / PUCK-2


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Poynting PUCK-0002 4G/5G PUCK – 2 in 1 Transportation style puck antenna 698 – 3800 MHz; 2X2 LTE (MIMO) peak 6dBi. (Part : A-PUCK-0002-V1-01)

The Ponting PUCK-2 is a brilliant 4G LTE / 5G antenna. It is ideal for IOT and M2M applications. This Puck antenna comes with 2 meters of siamease coaxial cable terminated with SMA.


The Poynting PUCK-2 is a small profile antenna for use in the IoT/M2M, Smart Meter, Smart Utilities, Transportation, Marine and the Agricultural/Farming markets.

The PUCK-2 is a 2 in 1 2×2 MIMO LTE antenna (for 2G/3G/4G) that cover the 698 to 3800 MHz bands. The PUCK has very good performance compared to many competitors due to the high-performance design. The radiation patterns of all radiating elements provide an excellent balance between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity and good radiation abilities at the desired elevation which is often overlooked in such a small size antenna.

This antenna provides excellent performance especially at the higher frequency bands where performance is critical for most LTE throughput and connection stability. This antenna is designed so that both the LTE ports (MIMO) are connected to the router/device to ensure the best performance.

Key Application uses

  • Smart Utilities: Smart Power, Gas & Water Metering
  • Smart Buildings: access control, security, irrigation
  • Digital Signage
  • Warehouses & Logistic systems
  • Industrial factory automation, robotic machinery and other IOT and M2M
  • Transport – including Buses, Utility & Public Safety
  • Machinery communications, telemetry and automation – M2M & IoT
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Marine: Canal boats, yachts in operation near to coastlines

Mechanical Specs
Product dimensions: Ø99.3 mm x 36 mm
Packaged dimensions: 150 mm x 150mm x 120mm
Weight: 0.376kg
Packaged weight: 0.507kg
Radome material: PC ABS (Halogen free)
Mounting Type: Ø20 Threaded Spigot, Pole, Wall, Surface and
Magnetic mount

Electrical Specs
Frequency bands:
698-960 MHz
1710-2700 MHz
3200-3800 MHz
Gain (max) Port 1 & 2:
-1dBi @ 698-960 MHz
6dBi @ 1710-2700 MHz
6dBi @ 3200-3800 MHz
VSWR Port 1 & 2: ≤2.5:1 over 85% of the band
Feed power handling: 10 W
Input impedance: 50 Ohm (nominal)
Polarisation: Linear Vertical
Coax cable loss: 0.56 dB/m @ 900 MHz
0.72 dB/m @ 1800 MHz
0.88 dB/m @ 2400 MHz
1.2 dB/m @ 3000 MHz
DC Short: Yes

Wind Survival: ≤220 km/h
Temperature Range
-40°C to 80°C
Environmental Conditions: Outdoor/Indoor
Water ingress protection
IP 68 – 30 minutes up to 1.5m
Salt Spray: MIL-STD 810F/ASTM B117
Operating Relative Humidity: Up to 98%
Storage Humidity: 5% to 95% – non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
Enclosure Flammability
UL 94-HB
Impact resistance: IK 10
Product Safety &
Complies with CE and RoHS standards


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