Teltonika RUT361


The Teltonika RUT361 router is a powerful LTE Cat 6 router designed for robust connectivity in challenging environments. Here is a detailed overview of its features and applications:

Features of Teltonika RUT361 Router:

  • LTE Cat 6 Connectivity: Offers high-speed LTE Cat 6 connectivity for reliable internet access.
  • Dual Wi-Fi Antennas: Equipped with two Wi-Fi antennas to ensure strong wireless connectivity.
  • Network Topology Visualization: Provides a visual representation of the network and connected devices.
  • Hotspot Capabilities: Supports hotspot features like captive portal, SMS authorization, and user management.
  • QoS and Smart Queue Management: Enables traffic priority queuing based on various criteria.
  • Remote Management: Facilitates remote management through TR-069, MQTT, SNMP, and JSON-RPC.
  • Cloud Integration: Integrates with Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) and Cloud of Things for monitoring.
  • I/O Ports and Events: Features digital input/output ports, event triggers, and status LEDs for monitoring.
  • Industrial Design: Built with durable aluminium housing suitable for industrial environments.

Business / Office / M2M Applications:

The Teltonika RUT361 router is ideal for various business and office applications:

  1. Office Routers: Benefit from low-cost unlimited data SIM cards for continuous connectivity.
  2. M2M and IoT Applications: Require fixed IP or roaming SIM cards for remote management and monitoring.
  3. Network Backup: Ensures network redundancy with Wi-Fi WAN and mobile backup options.

Types of SIM Cards to use for different applications:

  1. Low-Cost Unlimited Data SIM Card:
    • Ideal for office routers requiring continuous data access at an affordable rate.
  2. Fixed IP SIM Card:
    • Essential for M2M and remote access applications needing a static IP address for consistent connectivity.
  3. Roaming SIM Card:
    • Suitable for devices that require seamless connectivity across different networks while traveling or in remote locations.

Differences Between SIM Card Types:

  • Low-Cost Unlimited Data SIM:
    • Offers unlimited data usage at a fixed cost but may not provide a static IP address.
  • Fixed IP SIM:
    • Provides a static IP address for consistent remote access but may have higher costs.
  • Roaming SIM:
    • Enables connectivity across multiple networks but may incur additional charges based on roaming agreements.

In conclusion, the Teltonika RUT361 router is a versatile solution with advanced features suitable for diverse business, office, M2M, and IoT applications. Understanding the different types of SIM cards allows users to choose the most appropriate option based on their specific connectivity requirements.

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