Upgrade your RUT500


RUT500 3G Router

Teltonika stopped manufacturing the RUT500 3G router in July 2017 after a very successful production run.  There are still thousands of these RUT500 routers still installed and running after all these years.

3G Sundown

With the UK mobile networks starting to shut down 3G services it might be time to consider upgrading your old RUT500 router for a new 4G Router.

We recommend the RUT200 and RUT901 which are the new low cost 4G routers from Teltonika providing a cost effective upgrade to replace your RUT500 3G Routers.

RUT500 Configuration Videos

Here are some old configuration videos showing the RUT500 3G Router web interface and some of the common configurations such as configuring the APN and port forwarding.

RUT500 Dynamic DNS using 3mobile SIM and port forwarding

RUT500 Ping Reboot

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